The Ascension of Christ

Speaker: Vineeth KumarScripture: Luke 24: 50-53Date: April 26th, 2020 The Aim: The Ascension of Christ and it's implications

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God Is Worthy

Speaker: Pastor kesavan BalasinhamScripture: Genesis 32: 1-21Date: April 5th, 2020 The Aim: God is worthy, we are needy Main Points - God's people are given his presence in the face of uncertainty- God's people will be...

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Reflections of Life, Death and Beyond

Speaker: Vineeth Kumar Scripture: Psalm 90 Date: March 29, 2020 Aim: A godly perspective on life, death and beyond. The Eternality Of GodThe Frailty Of ManAn Entreaty to a Merciful God

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Blessing & Prosperity

Sermon: Blessing & Prosperity Speaker: Pastor Kesavan Balasingham Scripture:30:25-43 Date: March 1, 2010 Aim: The true source of success is God and not the product of our own limited abilities.

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New Beginnings

Sermon: New Beginnings Speaker: Pastor Kesavan BalasinghamScripture: Genesis 31Date: March 8, 2010 Aim: God's abiding presence enables us to walk in obedience to His call and confidence in His protection.

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Blessing & Brokenness

Sermon: Blessing & BrokennessSpeaker: Pastor Kesavan BalasinghamScripture: Genesis 29:31 - 30:24Date: February 16,2020 Aim: Self-dependency leads us to turmoil, but divine grace redeems even the gravest situations.

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Blessing & Discipline

Sermon: Blessing & DisciplineSpeaker: Pastor Kesavan BalasinghamScripture: Genesis 29:1-30Date: February 09,2020 The Aim: The God who loves His people will also discipline them, making them painfully aware of their...

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New Identity (New Life)

Sermon: New Identity - New Life Speaker: Vineeth Kumar Scripture: Colossians 3:1-17 Date: Sunday, January 26, 2020 The Aim: Who we are in Christ must be demonstrated in our lives.

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Advent: What is in a Name

The Aim: God’s solution to every problem has one name: Jesus.
– God’s Creates and Re-creates all things.
– God is transcendent over us and presents with us.

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Advent The Coming King pt2

Sermon: Advent- The Coming King pt 2 Speaker: Pastor Kesavan Balasingham Scripture: Mark 1:1-8 Date: December 8, 2019 The Aim: Jesus has come to inaugurate a new beginning of salvation to the world.

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Advent- The Coming King

Sermon: Advent- The Coming KingSpeaker: Pastor Kesavan BalasinghamScripture: Matthew 1:1-17Date: December 1, 2019 Aim: Jesus is the Promised & Sovereign King

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Marvelous Grace

Sermon: Marvelous GraceSpeaker: Pastor Kesavan BalasinghamBook: Genesis 28: 10-22Date: November 17, 2019 Aim: God’s assurance of His presence & providence, leads us to faithful worship & service

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Deception & Blessing

Sermon: Deception & Blessing Speaker: Pastor Kesavan Balasingham Book: Genesis 26: 34 - 28:9 Date: November 10, 2019The Aim: God will not permit His people to secure His blessing through deceptive means.

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Blessing & Hostility

Sermon: Blessing & HostilitySpeaker: Pastor Kesavan BalasinghamScripture: Genesis 26: 12-33Date: November 3rd 2019                                 ...

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You Only Live Once

(The Message)
– Matthew 3: 1-2
– Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand
– Repent, then and turn to God so that sins may be wiped out.

(The Mission)
– Matthew 3:3-4
– Matthew 28:18-20
– To full fill the mission of the lord and make his path straight.

(The Contenders Of The Faith)
– Matthew 3:5-6,

(The Pretenders of The Faith)
– Matthew 3: 7-12
– Matthew 7: 21-23

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The Promise Continues

– God is faithful & sovereign in bringing to pass what he had promised
– God sovereignly provides the recipient of the promise
– Sin and brokenness will continue to threaten the promise of God

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Providence & Faith

– God’s people have the responsibility of safeguarding the faith to the next generation.

– God’s people can be confident that the LORD will lead in faithful undertakings

– Gods people can rest assured that He will complete the good work he has begun

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Acts 12

THE AIM: The appropriate response to the power of God is to give Him glory.

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Life in Proper Perspective

The Aim: Approach life, understand life and live life the right way,
in a way that God would approve.

Main Points

God is Eternal
Life is Short and Painful
Sin the Cause
God my Refuge/Defense

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A Renewed Vision Of God

Main Point:
– A Fuller Understanding of God
– A Factual understanding of Humanity
– A Faithful Understanding of God’s Blessing
– Let God be in Charge

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Sojourners and Ambassadors


– By faith, God’s people receive his promise and live as sojourners and ambassadors in this world
– God’s [rpmose will not be fully realized in this life
– God’s promise extends beyond this life
– God’s people are called to live by faith as sojourners and ambassadors

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The Lord Will Provide


– God will test our faithfulness by asking us to surrender to him the best we have
– Faithful believers will surrender their best to God trusting that he will provide
– God’s people will receive God’s provision of worship

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