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At Fellowship Church Rouge Park we recognize that our local church is only one small piece of a larger puzzle in God’s larger Church across Durham Region, The Greater Toronto Area, Canada, and the world. So we’ve intentionally partnered in several ways to learn, grow and serve in a way that gains strength in numbers that is allowing us to be part of an adventure far greater than just ourselves! These affiliations allow us to partner together with other churches to do what none of us could do on our own.

Southern Ontario Baptist Association (SOBA)

SOBA is a network of churches spread out through the Southern region of Ontario, primarily in the G.T.A. Beginning over 25 years ago, SOBA has A vision of helping churches all across the region. With God-sized happenings in the region, such as the planting of over 30 churches in the past ten years, the strengthening of existing churches and the new vision of seeing local churches planting new churches within the region, the association is positioned for incredible growth!

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North American Mission Board (NAMB)

NAMB exists to work with churches and associations in mobilizing the local church as a missional force to impact North America with the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism and church planting. This is accomplished through Send North America, a strategy for mobilizing churches.

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Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC)

CNBC is a network of churches who give themselves away for the kingdom of God. With over 300 churches across Canada, we believe that God’s primary vehicle for impacting the world is the local church. The CNBC’s goal is to start 1,000 new congregations by 2020.

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